A New Beginning

About me

A new beginning, a fresh new website but the very same Roxy!

I feel like in this time of recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic we are all starting a fresh beginning of some sort. Now seemed the time to take a look at the nitty gritty of my website, dedicate some time to it (as my diary for weddings cleared overnight to next year!) and make sure I was offering you all the best experience all round from the very moment you hit ‘Contact me‘.

If you have followed my photography journey before then welcome! You’ll find my approach very much the same, my style exactly the same and my fascination with emotive and genuine photography still very much the same!

If you are new around here and want a nosey, the ‘About‘ page and ‘My Style‘ page are great places to start.

If you are a previous customer or have followed my business for a while then firstly thank you so much for your support! You might want to hit the subscribe section on the ‘Home‘ page for updates to be sure you get the latest deals and don’t miss out on mini shoot offers. Have a little look and a browse while you’re here as you may find some of my packages have changed too.




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Photos from a Micro wedding in Stamford

Photos from a Micro wedding in Stamford

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Holmewood hall

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